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Next Nature Fellow

Why in the future, we will all wear one piece of garment

It’s not an easy task to define the practice of designer Jasna Rok. Fashtech pioneer? Radical innovator? Visionary designer? ‘All of the above’ seems only appropriate. In fact, Jasna founded the first FashionTech design studio in Belgium, where she combines innovative technologies with interactive fashion and roams the planet to share her vision to disrupt the current fashion industry, but she doesn’t stop at fashion, the redefining of other traditional industries through the future of fashion and technonlogy is her true mission.

Homo Roboticus

Homo Roboticus: VUB, Brussels

In an increasingly robotized society, you and I explore and discover new technologies. Although robotics and artificial intelligence can help humans and nature, they also often generate fear, because they threaten to overpower us. History teaches us that technology has the power to strengthen economic growth and transform societies. This will be more than ever the case with the emerging robotics and artificial intelligence. The applications are ubiquitous: from robots in the factories, the conversion of people to cyborgs, self-driving vehicles to killerbots.


Documentary: Future of Fashion Pioneers

De Vlaamse ontwerper Jasna Rokegem presenteert de mogelijkheid van kleding, die iedere ochtend opnieuw gemaakt wordt door een 3D-printer. Of dragen we straks allemaal dat ene ultieme kledingstuk, dat met onze stemmingen mee verandert, ons tegen bacteriën beschermt, zichzelf repareert en nooit meer gewassen hoeft te worden?


Cross-Industry Innovation Summit NASA, Houston

Jasna Rokegem, an award-winning young and energetic pioneer combining innovative fashion and cutting-edge technology, founded Jasna Rok, the first FashionTech design studio in Belgium. The studio was created to reconcile advanced technologies with interactive fashion and does so by collaborating with technology partners globally. Her visionary thinking helps decision makers in fashion, retail and even the automotive sector imagine how to come up with more sustainable solutions. She is going against the fashion grain (runway, season, real sustainability) with her visionary, yet pragmatic, outlook on the role of FashionTech in our daily lives, both for high-end brands and innovative tech companies.


Future of Media Summit

This young and energetic pioneer combines innovative fashion with cutting-edge technology. Armed with virtual and augmented reality, Jasna brings an intriguing added value to fashion and, most likely, to our lives in the future. Don’t expect just a strange cut or a zipper in an uncommon place, these unique fashion pieces will actually challenge your idea of clothing. Jasna’s collection brings clothing to life.

GES Hyderabad

Leading Women in STEM

Jasna Rokegem, a 24-year- old designer from Antwerp, was selected by the U.S. Department of State to represent Belgium at the 8th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in Hyderabad, India from November 28-30, 2017. The summit is a public-private partnership that supports entrepreneurs, facilitates the exchange of ideas, and champions new opportunities for investment. Ms. Rokegem’s participation in the summit is being supported by the U.S. Embassy to the Kingdom of Belgium.

Fashnerd Brand Ambassador

Jasna Rok Announced As FashNerd’s First Brand Ambassador

Rethinking clothing, textiles, and the fashion industry as a whole,Jasna Rokegem is a young and energetic pioneer who launched the first Fashion Tech design studio in Belgium. She combines innovative fashion and cutting-edge technology by not only creating unique projects and collections but by also bringing these to life using techniques such as virtual and augmented reality. Providing a window to show the endless possibilities of technology and science today, it is through interactive fashion that Jasna is making them visible, tangible and understandable for the big audience.

Flanders Today

Flemish companies roll up their sleeves to make smart fashion

The worlds of fashion and technology are coming closer together, as designers and engineers work on integrating sensors into everyday clothes to make our lives easier.

Clothes of the future will not only keep us warm or serve special occasions, but will also improve our health and give us better insights into our emotional wellbeing. Textiles with embedded technology are expected to lead to big societal advancements, not least in the care sector.

Fashion Tech Design

Future-proofing and challenging the FashionTech industry

We find ourselves having a fashion tech crush on the brilliant and talented Jasna Rok, who recently exhibited at #FASHIONTECH Berlin. Drawn to her pioneering work, we appreciate how she combines innovative fashion and cutting edge technology in her own unique way. All about the clothing of the future, Jasna uses different techniques such as virtual and augmented reality to explore her vision.

Fashion Week Amsterdam

Fashion Week Amsterdam

Sinds januari 2016 is het label Jasna Rok bezig als FashTech-ontwerpstudio. Ontwerpster Jasna Rokegem (1992) studeerde in 2015 af aan de Willem de Kooning Academie. Tijdens haar studie liep zij stage bij Tom van der Borght en Ann Demeulemeester. Haar afstudeercollectie genaamd ‘Fashion on Brainwaves’ is een studie naar de mogelijkheden om hersengolven te koppelen aan een persoonlijke beleving van kleding. Dit door kleurverandering te bewerkstelligen naar mate een verandering in emoties wordt waargenomen.

Henri Winkelman Award

Henri Winkelman Award

Jasna Rok pioniert door mode en technologie op een innovatieve manier te versmelten. “Als designer ga ik in tegen het hedendaagse modesysteem en gebruik ik mode om te laten zien waar technologie toe in staat is en een actieve functie kan krijgen in ons dagelijkse leven”, zegt Rokegem. Ze nam het op tegen vijf tegenkandidaten. “Alle deelnemers waren stuk voor stuk sterke kandidaten met heel vernieuwende ideeën en krachtige presentaties. Het winnen van de Henri Winkelman Award is een droom die uitkomt.”